Inaugural post and what’s ahead


Cutting a path

This site will be a clearinghouse for a combination of blog posts of commentary and research and analysis reports and briefs. Most importantly, I will write about and analyze those aspects of energy  and resources that attract my attention, perhaps require further explanation, or need another perspective.

The first “report” in the planning stage is background analysis and research and the insights gleaned from an upcoming article about Energy Transfer. It will be the work I did behind the scenes to understand the shifts occurring in the oil and gas industry, and what it may mean in the future. I will direct readers to the article once it is ‘live.’ My intended roll out of the analysis brief, for lack of a better term, is about three weeks from now.

Please bear with me as I expand the site. I hope the experience of the site and the help I offer in providing context for trends, decisions and changes in the global resource narrative proves useful and informative.

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