Energy Investing and Economy

Recent work features a blend of economic and business trends. In energy, the direction of oil prices continues to weigh on investors, while new policies clash with market forces.

• Read a Q&A interview with Seeking Alpha, the crowd-sourced investor platform, about the outlook for 2018: “Remaining a Realistic Optimist in Energy.”

• New research about shale oil highlights that U.S. shale oil is plentiful and competitive.

In other work, Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations hosted a speaker event about complexity science and its contribution to solving problems arising from a faster-paced, distributed and connected world. Can complexity science’s approach help policymakers develop better ideas? Read “Can Complexity Science Save the Day?

Two brief articles were written for D CEO magazine in the second half of 2017:

• Is manufacturing alive and well in North Texas? Activity in this sector is more diverse and innovative than one imagines. Read “Manufacturing is Thriving in North Texas,” July-Aug 2017.

• Indications suggest that the flatbed and specialty trucking business has a foothold in Dallas via Daseke Inc., a publicly-traded consolidator in the segment.



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