Jennifer Warren’s areas of expertise include energy trends —their economic and geopolitical implications—and resource sustainability issues. Other interests include shale oil and natural gas, energy investments, the energy-water nexus, climate change, and green and/or efficient infrastructure.Her work has been published in various academic, policy and business publications such as Far Eastern Economic Review, Economist Intelligence Unit’s Executive Briefing, Journal of Structured Finance, Lloyd’s List, D CEO, Energy Trends Insider, Financial Sense, and many others. She has been interviewed for numerous radio broadcasts and news stories, and presented her work at various conferences. From Dec 2010 to April 2013, she was the CEO/President of a global affairs organization focused on leading-edge geopolitical trends. She organized and moderated panels on global gas, energy security, energy infrastructure finance, and urban development.
Jennifer has a master’s degree from London School of Economics, and bachelor’s in finance/marketing. She is principal of Concept Elemental, a strategic communications consultancy focusing on knowledge work, and includes over fifteen years of financial services industry work. In 2004, she developed a cutting-edge faculty research site with a top business University, translating research in subjects such as finance, oil and gas economics and policy, and information technology/operations management. The site continues to this day.
Links to specific energy and resource-related publications:
1) Numerous research papers and articles posted at Concept Elemental: Includes links to many Seeking Alpha articles on shale oil and gas, the Permian Basin, and E&P firms; and the Energy Trends Insider column, many re-posted on Christian Science Monitor and RealClearEnergy.
2) Book: “Chronicles of an Oil Boom: Unlocking the Permian Basin.” Jan, 2014.
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